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Latest Diablo 3 News

Have you used the Shard of Hate in Diablo? You must found that it is a pretty overpowered, with a startling proc rate. But it discovered that you are using a bug. And now, the Diablo work team decide to work out a hotfix to make up for it in future. Would you like to learn more details about the bug? Then the below information can give you more.

Now, the Diablo work team has made full updates for the best legendary and set items, one of the most popular changes is that the legendary and set items at level 70 in Reaper of Souls. It contains new class and other class. If you want to learn more about it, you can find the details as below.

The new patch 2.0.4 has come for days, it caused changes to the game. And Diablo work team released the information about it. However, there were many other additions and tweaks that didn't get listed in the initial patch notes, such as new paragon level portraits, certain item dropping at level 70 for the first time. For more details, you can just read the following information.

To make sure all players can enjoy better game life, the Diablo work team has made full effort to solve the problems in game, and now, the new patch 2.0.4 is live. Well, the following information will give you some tips if you would love to experience this new patch.

Well, the Reaper of Souls has been released for days, and players have experienced for these days, they found various problems in this game, the Diablo work team have noticed this. To make all players enjoy better game life, the Diablo work team decide to launch a new patch for the game, patch 2.0.4 will come soon, the new patch will get some issues solved. As you want to get more information about the new patch, just read on.

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