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It’s a big day for all diablo 3 players! The first Diablo III Seasons test has begins today. To create a Seasonal hero, players can check the “Seasonal Hero” box located below the class selection list. In fact, the recent days are all exciting days for d3 players because the patch 2.1.0 has broght players a great number changes in game. Now to celebrate all these updates in Diablo 3, Diablo3star offers players a free 10% off code for amazingly safe diablo 3 items.

Since the last patch informed the new notes, the Diablo III patch 2.1 Public Test Realm has always been very active among players. The new Legendary Gems, featured in last build, provide powerful bonuses which can be upgraded over time in Greater Rifts. Diablo3star is stunned to see Legendary Gems disabled on 2.1 PTR, what about you?

Do you know the act of multiboxing is allowed in Diablo III, where multiple accounts that have purchased the game all log in at once? With this function, you are able to play four Crusader characters at once while playing at home. Willing to have a try right now? You can buy safe diablo 3 gold from to play smoothly.

On July 3, 2014, the Chief Creative Officer for Blizzard, Mr. Rob Pardo announced his retirement from Blizzard Entertainment after a long journey of about 17 years at Blizzard Company. To all Diablo III fans, this is a sad news because he is the executive producer on Diablo III. However, your journey in Diablo III will not be winded up if you buys D3 gold and items from Diablo3star.

Dear adventures in diablo III, do you know the first major content patch for Reaper of Souls 2.1.0 will be available soon within this month?? This is of course are good news for players. Now with the upcoming new patch 2.1, why not talk about some issues to the Barbarians? Diablo3star is a good place for players to buy cheap diablo 3 items.

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